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Developed Employment Services

Developed Employment Services

The Next Step in a Long-Standing Relationship

Developed Employment Services is a Humboldt County business that provides an essential service: teaching people with developmental disabilities to strengthen their essential skills, with the goal of helping them find long-lasting employment. In order to help people who can benefit from their service find the company, the company needed a new website that was easy to use, easy to navigate, and was capable of displaying beautifully on mobile browsers. When it was time to have such a site built, it made sense that Developed Employment Services would turn to EvenVision; not just because we are another Humboldt County business, but because we already have a long standing and successful relationship with the family of businesses to which Developed Employment Services belongs.

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Our Challenge

Having found great success with previous websites for two different businesses, Kyle Visser asked us to replicate that success with an extremely user friendly website for Developed Employment Services.

Key Decision

We built upon our existing relationship with the client to provide a website with a single key theme, that subsequently provided portals to the other business that the client already owned. Furthermore, the site would be focused on clean typography and bold design elements, woven into a responsive theme. 

The Results

We created a clean, easy to read and mobile friendly website providing a lasting impression of professionalism and credibility. The cross business reference design was so successful that the other Visser Family businesses will be receiving similar treatment soon to tie them all together.  

We Love Long Relationships

At EvenVision, we strive to establish long-term relationships.

When we are able to boost a client’s business with each completed project, it gives them a reason to work with us again the next time they need web development. And when clients return to us for further web development services, it gives us the ability to tackle each successive project with a better understanding of the client, their business, and their needs, which allows us to serve them more effectively with each successive project.

The recently created Developed Employment Services website is the product of one of these long-term relationships. The owner of Developed Employment Services, Kyle Visser, is also the owner of two other Humboldt County businesses, both of which have websites created by EvenVision. Kyle first came to EvenVision years ago, having been unable to achieve his vision for his business’ websites with other designers. Following Kyle’s instructions, we were able to create a site that he was not only happy with, but that served as the foundation for a relationship between Kyle and EvenVision that persists to this day.

The Developed Employment Services site serves as a good demonstration of EvenVision’s web design philosophy. Rather than aiming for needless complexity and packing sites with frivolous features, we stick to basic design principles to create professional-looking sites with clearheaded designs that are quick to load, easy to read, and create the impression of a professional, successful business. In this particular case, the design is the latest iteration of the same basic vision our team has been following since building the client’s first website, which we have expanded upon with each new collaboration. The biggest change between this latest site and the first is mobile-friendliness; when the first site was created, mobile devices weren’t yet web users’ primary method of browsing the internet (a sign of how long our relationship with this particular client has lasted). In order to meet the expectations of a modern audience, special attention was paid to make sure that Developed Employment Services’ new site would create an outstanding presentation on mobile phones and tablets, a goal our design team fully achieved.

Developed Employment Services’ site is the latest project in a long standing relationship between EvenVision and one of our best clients, but it won’t be the last. Taking the knowledge we’ve gained by years of fine tuning designs and tracking performance, we’re already scheduled to update the client’s very first site to bring it in line with the changes in web design expectations that have developed since the site was first created. Thanks to the relationship of trust we’ve built with our client, we’re able to use years of experience and work to make each project better, for both the client and ourselves.

Kyle Visser

"I have people all the time tell me my site looks like our company is much larger and our site looks like it would be much more expensive than it was."

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